• Behaviour interventions
  • Classroom management
  • Early childhood
  • Health and prevention
  • Home-school partnerships
  • Literacy (Reading)
  • Literacy (Writing)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • School reform
  • Science
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Speaking and listening
  • Teaching and learning

Key Stage

  • All
  • Foundation Stage
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4
  • Post 16


  • Behaviour interventions
  • Collaborative learning
  • Digital technology
  • Early years interventions
  • Extended school time
  • Feedback
  • Individualised instruction
  • Mastery learning
  • Mentoring
  • Meta-cognition and self-regulation
  • One-to-one tuition
  • Oral language interventions
  • Parental involvement
  • Peer tutoring
  • Phonics
  • Reading comprehension strategies
  • Small group tuition
  • Social and emotional aspects of learning
  • Sports participation
  • Summer schools
  • Teaching assistants

Targeted Group

  • At-risk pupils
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Boys
  • Dyslexic pupils
  • EAL pupils
  • Low-achieving pupils
  • Pupil premium children
  • SEN children
  • Speech, language and communication needs
  • Struggling readers

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Claire Crawford

Claire is a Research Fellow of the Institute and Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. She was previously Programme Director of the Skills sector at IFS. Her research interests focus on the determinants of educational attainment and HE participation, including the roles of socio-economic status, expectations and aspirations, month of birth and parents' marital status. She is particularly interested in how education policy can be used to improve the outcomes of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and has played a leading role in the evaluations of a number of education programmes aiming to do just that, including on behalf of the Department of Education and the Education Endowment Foundation. She is also managing editor of Fiscal Studies.

Contact: c.l.crawford@warwick.ac.uk

Richard Dorsett

Dr. Richard Dorsett is Director of Policy Evaluation at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. He has a particular interest in randomised control trials (RCTs) in the areas of employment and education/training. He has previously worked on four large-scale RCTs for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) . RCTs ongoing at the time of writing (October 2014) include a comparison of face-to-face and blended learning for the delivery of adult basic skills training (for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills) and an exploration of variations in effectiveness between organisations delivering the Work Programme (for DWP). He led the external evaluation of "Mind the Gap" for the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and is involved in two further EEF projects, using a mix of individual and cluster (school) randomisation. He has provided consultancy advice to Nesta on the design of randomised control trials in schools.

Contact: r.dorsett@niesr.ac.uk

Julia Douetil

Contact: j.douetil@ioe.ac.uk

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